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We’ve got you covered: how to choose your face mask

May 13, 2020 3 min read

Nanofiber face mask

As a number of countries across Europe, including within the UK, begin to gradually ease lockdown restrictions, face masks look set to become part of the new norm.

An unusual sight outside Asia until recently, current government guidance now recommends that we wear face covers in enclosed public spaces where it’s not always possible to follow social distancing recommendations, such as shops, or when using public transport.  

So rather like regular hand washing and social distancing, it’s clear that in this new, post-pandemic world, wearing face masks is something we will all need to get used to. However, the sheer amount of brands now offering various different face coverings online can make the process of buying one, and being sure it’s going to be effective, more than a little confusing. While the government has stressed thatsurgical masks and medical grade respirators should be left for healthcare and other frontline workers to preserve vital PPE supplies, what do you need to consider when choosing yours? 

Not all face masks are created equal

Outside of a medical environment the primary reason for wearing a face cover is to prevent someone who is asymptomatically infected with coronavirus inadvertently passing it on (remember you can be infectious without experiencing any symptoms). Coronavirus is spreadby droplets that can spray into the air when those infected talk, cough and sneeze.To prevent transmission of these droplets choosing a face cover with several layers is key. It should cover your nose and mouth, and to do the job properly, needs to be close-fitting. But it also has to allow for easy, unrestricted breathing, especially if it’s to be worn for long periods of time.

With a background in apparel design and manufacturing, we knew that we could create a face cover that would tick all those boxes, and help get people back to their everyday lives safely, and with peace of mind. And so, using our years of industry experience and state of the art infrastructure, we have created the Ally face cover; a reusable face cover which provides effective, practical protection while being comfortable to wear- whether at work, school or just in everyday life. 

The innovative four layer design uses the latest nano filtration technology, including a built in filter membrane, to block out up to 95% of airborne particles measuring as small as 0.075 micrometers in diameter (coronavirus particles are about 0.1 micrometers in diameter). This proven effectiveness has led the Ally face cover to becertified in accordance with the KN95 test standard,which is similar to the certifications for the American N95 and European FFP2. 

Available in sizes for both adults and children and in a range of colourways, the cover’s straps are placed over the ears and can be adjusted using the toggles to fit securely in place and prevent any gapping. Unlike some masks, the Ally face cover is waterproof, and has high air permeability, which means it can be worn for a long period of time without causing the area around your face to become moist. The mask’s inner layer is also made from100% breathable cotton to help minimise irritation. 

The environmental factor 

Many commercially available masks are made from layers of plastics and are designed to be single-use- and therefore destined to end up as landfill. The environmental impact of widespread, regular use of disposable masks will be devastating- generating thousands of extra tonnes of contaminated plastic waste in the UK alone. Offering a more sustainable option, the Ally face cover is reusable,having been scientifically designed to maintain its filtering ability for 20 uses after being cleaned with boiling water, alcohol or liquid disinfectant. 

Making the workplace safe for employees 

As more of us begin to return to the workplace, it is important that employees and customers are confident that businesses are doing all they can to protect their people at work. Ally’s face covers can also be customised by businesses using their own bespoke branding. As well as being a great branding opportunity, our branded face covers help demonstrate that a business takes the health and wellbeing of its people seriously, and will also help ease employee anxiety about returning to work. Because in these uncertain times, we all need an Ally. 

Protect yourself. Protect others.

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