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Your ticket to ride: face coverings to become compulsory on public transport

May 15, 2020 2 min read

Face mask on public transport

When you have to wear a face cover

As lockdown restrictions continue to relax, face coverings are set to become compulsory to wear on public transport in England from 15 June, in an effort to prevent further spread of coronavirus. The government has also stated that all hospital visitors and outpatients have to wear them, having already recommended that they are worn in enclosed public spaces where social distancing is difficult, such as supermarkets. 

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced that wearing a face covering will be a ‘condition of travel’ on buses, trains, tubes and other forms of public transport as non-essential shops also start to reopen from 15 June and more of us return to work. People will be refused travel, or possibly even fined, if they don’t comply (although there are exemptions for young children, disabled people and those with breathing difficulties).

How do face coverings protect you?

Wearing a cover over the mouth and nose reduces the risk of asymptomatic carriers- those who have the virus but are experiencing no symptoms- from passing it on. They are designed to prevent any infected droplets and aerosol particles escaping when you cough, sneeze or talk. Scientists believe that these particles can carry a viral load that can survive for several hours, perhaps even days. So to be effective a face cover needs to fit well; basic surgical coverings and cloth coverings provide little protection as smaller airborne particles can still get through gaps. 

What your cover is made from also determines how well it can do the job. The Ally face cover is constructed of four different layers, using a combination of different materials including a built in filter membrane to enhance protection. It’s also reusable, and has been scientifically proven to retain effectiveness for 20 washes. 

How to wear your Ally face cover properly

  1. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before fitting your face cover
  2. Make sure it covers your mouth and nose, with no gaps 
  3. Avoid touching the front of your cover while you’re wearing it
  4. Always remove your cover from behind by loosening the ear straps, being careful not to touch the front
  5. Wash after every daily use with boiling water or disinfectant

Remember that as well as wearing your Ally face cover you also need to maintain good hand washing and social distancing practices. Protect yourself, protect others.

Available in sizes for both adults and kids, and in a range of colours, Ally face coverings are reusable, effective up to 20 washes. Customised options using your own branding or design are also available.

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